Monthly Calendar Tab Stickers
Monthly Calendar Tab StickersMonthly Calendar Tab StickersMonthly Calendar Tab StickersMonthly Calendar Tab StickersMonthly Calendar Tab StickersMonthly Calendar Tab StickersMonthly Calendar Tab StickersMonthly Calendar Tab StickersMonthly Calendar Tab Stickers
  • Durable: Laminated finish to withstand theconstant pressure of being of flicked

  • Long-Lasting: Fold-over design with resilient adhesive

  • Easy to Apply: Striped border guides and Indented fold line makes it easy to fold in half and attach to both sides 

  • Very versatile: Serves many purposes and is Ideal for,personal or work planners, organizers, journals and files



Our monthly self-stick tabs are designed to make your life easier and more  organized. They help parents, entrepreneurs, teachers, and professionals work faster,  smarter, and better at the office, home, or at school. 

Stylish and practical, these  organizational essentials will help you stay on top of your agendas with a flick of thepage.  

Small, Thin and Extremely Durable,  our monthly dividers are intentionally little and subtle.  They are professionally designed to suitand fit all kinds of notebooks, large or small without feeling and looking bulky. With the durable vinyl finish and resilient adhesive, not only are they durable, but elegantand delicate looking. In our case, small objects come with serious strength! 

Our classic colors suit any style, which makes our planner supplies coordinate with most styles of organizers, journaling such as bullet journals, and dairies.  They are a bold and complimenting addition to any color page.


What's in the package

25 Total Sticky Tabs: 

● 12 Monthly Tabs; January - December 

● 4 Project Tabs; 

● 1 Notes Tab 

● 1 Goals Tab 

● 1 Routines Tab 

● 1 Important Days Tab 

● 1 Days Tab 

● 1 Months Tab 

● 3 Blank Tabs for Customized, Own Text


The sheet is 8.3 x 5.8 inches. 

Each tab sticker is approximately 1.0 x 0.8 inches (tall x wide) before folding.


We recently created a new company and this new website for our line of planners and planner accessories!   

What You Can Expect

We will continue to sell our existing inventory of planners with our old brand name, Always Eleven Publishing and the Always Satisfied Planner.  Once we’ve diminished our stock with our old branding, we will begin to ship products with our new Daily One Co. branding.  This means your order may contain products that still have our old Always Eleven branding.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

What's Changed 

It’s the same great planner and planner accessories with a new name and a brand new website that better reflects our vision and purpose! 

We Appreciate You 

We thank YOU for your continued support. We love the new brand and are confident that you will too!