Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)
Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)Daily One Planner (formerly the Always Satisfied Planner)
  • DAY PLANNER: Undated 6 months personal planner; Daily timelines; Gratitude,habit trackers and notes section; Motivational quotes and affirmations

    EFFECTIVE GOAL SETTING: Uses the Daily One Method to help you commit to doing one thing every day to achieve goals. A great tool for solopreneurs trying to start or move their business forward, or anyone wanting to make steady progress towards success.

  • PLAN YOUR WEEK: Rank your tasks and overcome procrastination with priorityworksheets; Plan to make each next week best yet with creative ideas and notes

  • MONTHLY CALENDAR: Track significant events and major holidays, plan all yournext steps and mark them without fear of forgetting 

  • QUALITY MADE: Aesthetically pleasing and beautifully designed pages in A5 size, High quality, eye-friendly paper;Durable textured black cover or Canvas binder




Our planner is like an easy to follow journal that helps you live an  inspired and happy life by organizing your goals and enhancing your inner ability toachieve them.   Setting goals helps you become the best version or vision of yourself.  This planner features the Daily One Method -- a plan that  allows you to work towards living your life the way you choose and want with clarity,  persistence, purpose, and focus. 

This professionally designed daily agenda is a unique tool to help you discover yourself and to set goals that align with who  you indeed are. 

Perfect for Work and Life 

This is a must-have to do list planner for the busy  professionals, entrepreneur, students, moms, and anyone who wants to keep the focus  on the result.  Also, research today confirms journaling has immense mental health benefits and helps you harness and improve creativity.  Thus, we've included journaling aspects which can be utilized in a quick, minimalistic and effective way. Additionally, keeping a work diary like this helps maintain the track record of your successes and mistakes.

Simple Layout for Goal Setting

This organizer allows you to break down daily, weekly, and monthly tasks or  assignments. You'll see both the big picture and small tasks that must be  accomplished to achieve your dreams. Add engaging notes as needed.  And, customize event reminders and appointments with unique daily, weekly or monthly  reviews allowing you to manage your time and schedule while visualizing your tasks. 

Inspirational Quotes 

With modern life worries and the need for emotional support and encouragement, we  are all in more and more demand for self-assurance and motivation. This personal  planner intentionally repeats a handful of daily affirmations and quotes to help you  internalize and truly incorporate words to live by in your journey towards productivity  and satisfaction. 


● 6 Months Planner (Undated)

● 150 Sheets/300 pages (approx). 

● A5 Paper Size (5.8" x 8.3")

Inside This Planner 

● Daily Timelines from 6 am to 10 pm 

● Daily One Focus Sections to set topics and manageable to-do list for your day or week so they can stand out 

● Priority Worksheets to help you assign a value to each task on your To-Do List based on urgency and importance to rank them accordingly 

● Weekly Procrastination Worksheets to help hold you accountable and face your obstacles head-on 

● Project Planning Pages help to track steps and specific tasks for your bigger goals so you can plan effectively and take action 

● Blank Notes pages (lined) and Notes sections on each Daily page

● Habit Trackers for each day and each month

● Dates to Remember page

● Goal Tracker page

● Daily Routines page

What's in the package

For Hardcover Book Style:

● 1 Bound Hardcover Planner

● Size: 8.4"H x 5.9"L x 1"W

● Expandable Pocket on Inside Back Cover

● Elastic Closure Strap

● Bookmark Ribbon

For Canvas Binder Style:

● 1 Canvas Cover Binder with planner pages

● Size: 10"H x 7.7"L x 1.6"W

● 1 Plastic Binder Bookmark, removable

● Pockets and Card Slots sewn on Inside Front Cover


We created a new company, Daily One Co., and this new website for our line of planners and planner accessories!   

What You Can Expect

We will continue to sell our existing inventory of planners with our old brand name, Always Eleven Publishing and the Always Satisfied Planner.  Once we’ve diminished our stock with our old branding, we will begin to ship products with our new Daily One Co. branding.  This means your order may contain products that still have our old Always Eleven branding.  If you have any questions, please contact us at info@dailyone.co.

What's Changed 

It’s the same great planner and planner accessories with a new name and a brand new website that better reflects our vision and purpose! 

We Appreciate You 

We thank YOU for your continued support. We love our new branding and are confident that you will too! 


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