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Success comes
with small,
consistent steps

Use a planner that will get you started & keep you focused.

Discover the DAILY ONE calendar method that breaks the vicious cycle of feeling unproductive

Finally, feel good about what you did yesterday and excited about what you'll accomplish today as you experience steady progress towards your goals.

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The Daily One Planner

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The Daily One planner opened up to a daily page with two highlighter pens placed above it.

The Daily One Method

Focus on one thing you can complete to feel satisfied with your day
The Daily One planner opened up to a To Do page with two highlighter pens and eyeglasses placed above it.

Identify Priorities

A to-do list system that helps you rank your tasks in a meaningful way
The Daily One planner opened up to a Procrastination Worksheet page.

Overcome Procrastination

Identify reasons for procrastination, take accountability and push past the stagnation.
The Daily One planner opened up to a Project Worksheet page.

Manage Projects

Break projects into smaller steps, identify action items and set goal completion dates.


Need Excellence in Preparation? Buy this Planner!  The most excellent planner I've ever seen or purchased. Beautifully packaged and quality top notch. Love it!  Blank dates so you can utilize any time. Perfect for college students preparing for research papers, projects and the like. Or professionals working on projects to keep you on task. I am buying more for my daughter and college her friends.


Beautifully made and a helpful product.  I really like the flexibility of this planner. It doesn't lock you into a calendar month like many planners, you can set the dates as you like. I like the way it allows you to track goals and plan for upcoming events. It also feels Lush like a product much more expensive than its cost.


I absolutely love my planner!!! It was very well put together and I like the distinguished features; such as the procrastination worksheets and daily goal section. The quotes and affirmations are a awesome reminder to keep pushing to accomplish my goals. This daily planner is great tool to help keep me on track....I will be buying more for gifts.

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